Feedback from our Parents

  • We have been pleased with our experience with the school. Isabel has clearly been enjoying it.

    Cheryl Isabel's Mom
  • Alvin is really happy with your classes and stays engaged most of the time, which is tremendously helpful for me to be able to do work and I owe you a huge THANK YOU for that.

    Doro Alvin's Mom
  • Nathaniel enjoyed his time with Ms. Purnima. I love that the curriculum is balanced where there's social interaction, academics, and play. She's also very nice and patient with the kids. Nathaniel really enjoyed hide and seek and looking at Ms. Lek's pets.

    Vivian Nathaniel's Mom

About LittleSeeds

At LittleSeeds, we emphasize social & interpersonal skills, academic excellence and creativity. We believe that all children are unique and bring something special to their own education.

Your child will learn with a live teacher and new friends, and will get high-quality personal attention. We are based in Mountain View, California.

Every week, we mail out a curriculum and a materials packet. You can see a sample here. Each week, we report student progress to parents and are always available for discussion; it's important to us to have a close relationship with our students and you, their family.

We’d love to help your child grow and develop their potential!

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Our Vision

Every student has their own unique interests; our role as teachers is to assist each student in developing their own potential.

We strive to make content relevant to students' lives. We incorporate hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themes, and individual work that engages and activates students learning.

We love to assist our students in expressing themselves and accepting themselves for who they are, as well embracing the differences of others. We aim to provide a safe learning environment with a welcoming atmosphere that creates a sense of belonging.

Teacher Lek

Hello! I'm Teacher Lek, the Founder of LittleSeeds. I have taught preschool, elementary school and adult education since 2010. I am a passionate teacher who enjoys motivating and inspiring students. I believe that all students have special gifts and strengths and that tapping into those strengths helps them identify their own passions and potential. I feel so lucky to work in a field I truly love helping young people grow.